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       In my early 40’s, I was reintroduced to the Christian faith
by the man who later that year, 2000, became my husband.

It was not until after a move to Gloucester in 2005 that I started to
attend Church regularly. I found One Church enthusiastic and engaging.

Life took a difficult turn in 2008 when my husband announced that he
wanted a divorce.  It made me examine my faith and belief in God and
late in 2009 I asked Jesus into my life.

During my divorce, God spoke to me and told me everything would be all
right. I have not had a permanent job since early 2011, but God has
continued to provide me with employment and see me through financial

I know that whatever happens in my life, God knows the bigger picture
and everything happens for a reason. I put my trust in God, my Father.


PollyI lived in a non-Christian home but attended Sunday school. I next attended Church after getting married. We had two beautiful girls, everything was perfect, then my husband left, leaving me to look after the girls. Life was tough, but I had fantastic family and friends. I was invited to go to Church by friends but it didn’t feel right. No matter what I tried, something was missing. Some years later the same friends invited us to Robinswood Church, the girls were excited about going. Life has not been the same since! We found the missing part. I know now that even through my most difficult days God was with us. Being part of a Church family has been overwhelming and the support we have received has been tremendous. In 2006 we were broken into and our lives could have fallen apart but with love, support and trusting God we survived.


DanI suppose you might say I’ve led a pretty average life. When I was younger I drank too much alcohol and took too many drugs, but still managed to work hard and just about keep things together. I’ve been blessed with good friends, a lovely wife, son and daughter, and had reasonably good health throughout.

Despite this I’ve still had to face common issues- being made redundant twice, suffering from bulimia, anxiety and getting into financial debt. The reality is that life still throws up huge challenges, but the difference for me now is that I know my future is in God’s hands and since He has never failed to get me through, I have no reason to doubt Him.

God brings me a peace in life, despite the trials, that I can barely describe and only experience by letting God lead the way. No more bulimia or anxiety, the debts nearly paid off and I have a great job – all this from trusting God – not bad eh?



042In 2002 I started going to hospital with two small lumps in my breast, and went backwards and forwards for two years being told that all was ok. The lumps were growing, and I insisted to be seen again, this time the lumps are size of boiled eggs, and I was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.

I felt all the way through the Lord lifted me up and carried me through. I stood on Psalm 23, and in the operating room and on the ward, everywhere I turned there were christians nursing me. I had a complete masectomy, I later found out that I was misdiagnosed, and had they paid notice of results in 2002, all this could of been avoided.

I had a year of chemo and radiotherapy, and reached remission in 2010, but during this time the Lord carried me at all times.


NathanI always enjoyed myself at church, I saw Christianity as a great thing and classed myself as a good Christian- but I never really grasped the point of it…

As I grew older I began to live a double life, whereby on a Sunday I would tick all the boxes of Christianity then in the rest of the week, live however I wanted. I never rebelled against the church; I just didn’t truly understand who Jesus really was, and how he could really change my life.

I was at a youth conference when, for the first time, I truly met with Jesus. I now know, with Jesus, I can have the best life ever. I don’t need to worry about what my future holds, I am secure in the arms of a massive God.



I was brought up in a family who took me to church. It was there that I decided that I wanted to be a follower of Jesus. That was about 40 years ago. Since then I have found that life can sometimes be hard, simple, happy or sad but whatever I’ve been through God has always been with me. He has shown me that His love is unconditional and strong. In today’s society absolutes can sometimes be hard to find but God has proved to me that he can be absolutely trusted at all times with all things no matter how big, or for that matter, how small.



I was thinking one night and asked myself, is there any prayers or requests God did not give me? I started from the day I became a Christian to this present time. And I realised he did not miss even one. Yes, I did wait but it was worth waiting for and I know ’til now my prayers are being answered every day!

Sometimes we often think that we are being forgotten or ignored but the truth is God is taking time to answer our prayers and requests because He wants it to be perfect for us. Titus 2:13



I was born into a Christian family, and I loved God in my own religious way. It was during my College days that I gave my life totally to God (got born again), and started a closer relationship with Him. A bigger commitment to the life of Faith started for me when a pregnancy did not go as planned. This made me get into the Word of God (The Bible) fully, searching for all His promises to me and especially those benefits I was meant to enjoy as His daughter! A very good one is Psalm 34 verse 10: “Even strong young lions sometimes go hungry, but those who trust in the Lord will lack no good thing”.  For me, that sounded amazing. I love good things and especially when all I needed to do was TRUST HIM. I have found out, over the years that He is a God that never disappoints.



Growing up in a Christian home can, on the face of it, seem to be the easy road to becoming a Christian yourself, but there are pitfalls.


I grew up in a Christian family, where my mum and dad took me to church right from a baby. However, I had to recognise that I needed to make a commitment myself, I could not get by through my parents faith. I made this decision as a young child, but reaffirmed that decision when I was about 12 years old.


In my life I have experienced a personal healing and also miracles where finance has come to me just at the time I need it (not just when I wanted it).


In life we just need to remember that God is in control, and that all experiences, whether good or bad, help us to grow.


RobI have been a Christ follower for 22 years, but have not always lived a Christian life. I lacked self-esteem and self-confidence and so, suppressed the ‘Real me’, creating a ‘Social me’ that I thought people wanted me to be and found myself living to please others. About 7 years ago I came to a crossroads in my life where Jesus showed me 2 roads; 1 where I could continue as I am going nowhere, or a road where I could place my full trust in him and this would lead to a full life with purpose and destiny. I decided it was time to stop messing around with God and stop living the ‘social me’ and to live for Jesus. He has turned my around, given me an inner strength and a confidence in him and I have found the ‘real me’ again.


JulieMy story is very simple. I grew up in a kind and loving family. My parents took me to Church from a young age. I even taught in the Sunday School. My life took the usual route, school, college, work etc.

When I was 20 I was invited to Robinswood Church with my boyfriend. It was there that I understood the story of Salvation for the first time, of the need to make Jesus the centre of my life, of the importance of Jesus dying for me so that I could be forgiven and have a life everlasting. My boyfriend later became my husband. We believe in a relevant God of today whose love never fails us and in whose steps we walk to trust for our everyday. I may let God down sometimes, but my God is a God of forgiveness and he guides me through everything and will never let me down.


GaryMy parents divorced when I was a young teenager, leading me to a pretty wayward lifestyle. I began using drugs and found that it made me feel good, not realising that all I was doing was blocking my emotions. Then came alcohol and thirty years of addiction, misery and hell. The last fifteen years of that period has been a quest for peace and freedom; eight residential rehabs, counselling, AA, NA, you name it. Addiction remained in me like a demon; relapse after relapse.

My upbringing was fully secular but during these last fifteen years I have yearned for faith in my life. Less than one year ago I decided to fully give my life to Jesus and I’ve never looked back from that day. I know without doubt that I can trust our Lord. I opened the floodgates of my heart to Jesus and he blessed me with a freedom I’ve never known. THANK YOU LORD.


RobBrought up within a Roman Catholic background, attended church until 16, then semi pro sport took over my life, and I left the Lord.

I feel very privileged to be here today, I have felt the assurance of God’s presence during a very difficult time.

On the 14 September 2006, I went to work, like many of you, taking for granted that I would return home, but I didn’t, until many months later, being on life support, and numerous operations, unable to communicate , not knowing mentally who I was, and where I was.

To this day I don’t understand what happened, but I do know that my life will never be the same. I’ve accepted my physical limitations, because I’ve gained so much more spiritually , I’ve come to know the Lord, I’ve been baptised in water, and awaiting God’s plan to unfold in my life.