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Mavis' StoryI had the privilege of coming to know Jesus Christ in my teens, before major life decisions i.e. career choice, life partner choice, parenthood.

My diary for that special day says,
“This is the happiest day of my life. I have asked Jesus Christ into my life and I am walking on air!”

I have had tremendous help and guidance from the Bible which has been a source of strength to me for 50 years. I read it daily and never cease to be amazed at the answers I get to many questions and situations.

Margaret Thatcher was asked what Christianity meant to her…she replied, “Choice!” It is the choice between good and evil – and making the good choice also gives the power to help to live out this lifestyle.

There is no other way for me… and if I had the opportunity, I would have made the choice earlier!


Having worshipped with a Pentecostal church most of my life God has blessed
me richly through the baptism of the Holy Spirit after coming to know Jesus.
He has provided a husband and son for me as well as somewhere to live. In
recent years I have worked within a good retail environment, although I
have now retired. I can honestly say that God never fails and is The God
near at hand that I know will never let me go.
As with everyone, there are many things a Christian may go through in life but Christ is our strength. Both in the past and in recent years I have experienced Christ’s
blessings and they certainly are ongoing. Fellowship with the church I
worship at is just great and I am very thankful for the Lord leading my
husband and I there. Bless the Lord our God.


042In 2002 I started going to hospital with two small lumps in my breast, and went backwards and forwards for two years being told that all was ok. The lumps were growing, and I insisted to be seen again, this time the lumps are size of boiled eggs, and I was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.

I felt all the way through the Lord lifted me up and carried me through. I stood on Psalm 23, and in the operating room and on the ward, everywhere I turned there were christians nursing me. I had a complete masectomy, I later found out that I was misdiagnosed, and had they paid notice of results in 2002, all this could of been avoided.

I had a year of chemo and radiotherapy, and reached remission in 2010, but during this time the Lord carried me at all times.


One Church photoMy story actually starts before I was born.
My Dad was a builder and had a contract to build a church in the local town, whilst tiling the baptismal pool the pastor said to him and his partner that one day he would baptise them. They just laughed. However, to cut a long story short the pastor did baptise both of them and four generations of their families.

So I was born into a Christian home and was taken to church from just ten days old, but that didn’t make me a Christian; so at an early age I decided for myself that I believed that Jesus died for me and that I wanted to give myself to him.
I thank God that I was given this great start in life and came to know him at a very early age. It wasn’t always easy and temptation did come my way but with God’s strength I’ve managed to keep him in the centre of my life.



I can sum up my story by giving thanks and praise to God for keeping me whole this far.


See, I should be a cynical, bitter and unhappy person if the experiences I’ve encountered are what I would base my life on. But His grace has drawn me instead to draw from His everlasting well of joy, giving me strength for each new day.


So I choose to seek God and dwell in His presence rather than wallow in the ups and downs of life, a conscious effort that is really hard sometimes but after over 20 years of having Jesus as my Lord and saviour is well worth it!


SharonI was 9 years of age when I first realised that I needed God in my life. I had been a mischievous child but not an extremely naughty one. I had been taught values and respect. I repented and asked Jesus to come into my heart.

I left the Christian life at 17. I got married and had 2 children, after my divorce I married again and had another 2 children. I found God again at 30.

One day something went very wrong in my life and I cried out to God “Why me?” He answered me straight away with the words “Why not you, Sharon?”. God made it personal by saying my name. I believed that God was with me and that he would bring me through this. It was a difficult time and God has been a great healer, he is also my strength, my guide and my Saviour.

He loves me with a love that I could never repay, but His grace has saved me and one day I will see Him face to face.


RobI have been a Christ follower for 22 years, but have not always lived a Christian life. I lacked self-esteem and self-confidence and so, suppressed the ‘Real me’, creating a ‘Social me’ that I thought people wanted me to be and found myself living to please others. About 7 years ago I came to a crossroads in my life where Jesus showed me 2 roads; 1 where I could continue as I am going nowhere, or a road where I could place my full trust in him and this would lead to a full life with purpose and destiny. I decided it was time to stop messing around with God and stop living the ‘social me’ and to live for Jesus. He has turned my around, given me an inner strength and a confidence in him and I have found the ‘real me’ again.


DeeHi, my name is Dee.

My journey of life finds me on the values course (at One Church) where we have been talking about an arrow!!!

My life has been filled with many arrows.

When struck by an arrow, I was able to seek more life in my days, than more days in my life, I can forget quantity, and pursue quality, I can look beyond the pain, and find incredible perspective. In my weakness I have found strength.

Life’s arrows did not change my direction, they merely deepened my character, they have helped me rediscover certain values before achieving greater things.

An arrow pierced my heart at the age of 12, this has been my constant:
Which gives me daily grace, and love, his name is JESUS.


AdamI was brought up in a Christian family and was always encouraged to find out the real meaning of life through church attendance. As I got into my teenage years I started to experiment with alcohol, got into fights and began to use drugs. Soon enough I got bored of church and gave up on believing in God.

My family invited me to attend a Christian conference called ‘Spring Harvest’. A band called ‘The Tribe’ performed and Lindz West preached a message on the “love of God” and gave his testimony. He asked if anyone wanted to become a Christian. I felt God’s power and went forward to give my life to Jesus. Since then life has had its highs and lows, but with God on my side I have strength in times of trouble.


WendyI was born in Weston-Super-Mare, 55 years ago into a Christian family. I made my commitment to follow Jesus when I was 6, I may have been young but I knew that He loved me. I was baptised in water at 13. Then at 16 I trained as a hairdresser which shows God’s power as I had a debilitating stutter when I began, which the Lord later healed me of.

I later met my husband Alan and we have been married for 33 years and have 3 grown-up children. I have found through my life that God is faithful in the good times and the bad, and the greatest lessons learnt have been at the lowest times when I have had no strength of my own. I’m glad God has led us to ‘One Church’ to be part of what God is doing in Gloucester.