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As a child I was abused by my step father which caused Mental Health problems during my teens and early 20s. I had Psychiatric treatment at this time and was a very disturbed young person.

I can’t ever remember not believing in God but didn’t know I could have a personal relationship with Him.

It was during my nurse training in 1968 that I asked Jesus Christ into my heart and my life was transformed.  I was able to forgive my step father and in forgiving I was set free.

In 1981 God gave me a promise. He told me I would never again see a Psychiatrist as a patient but would work with many as colleagues.

I haven’t seen a Psychiatrist as a patient for 42 years but I did however work with many during a 30 year career as a Psychiatric Nurse!

God is faithful and keeps His promises.




I’ve lived in Gloucester all of my life. From a young age I experienced a lot of negativity in my life,  was neglected and abused as a child, was surrounded by spiritual oppression and made some really bad lifestyle choices. This all came to a head in the early nineties when I was diagnosed with a serious illness which resulted in lots of time in and out of hospital. To make things worse, so-called ‘friends’ stole almost everything I owned, leaving me with literally a suitcase of clothes. By this stage I’d had enough and wanted to end it all.

God had other ideas though and so, into my darkness he shone a light of hope, creating a new heart and perspective, giving me a future worth living for. I’ve been a christian ever since.


LouiseI was bought up in a Catholic home going to church every Sunday.

When I was 15 I lost interest in going to church and started going to clubs and getting drunk a lot with friends. By the age of 17 I was completely off the rails sleeping around and going out drinking most nights.

At 18 I knew my life was going nowhere, my dad was an alcoholic and I decided I didn’t want to end up like that.

A friend told me I needed to go back to church. So I went back to the Catholic church but felt just the same when I left as when I went in.

I eventually found myself in a Pentecostal church and realised it wasn’t church that was going to change my life but a relationship with Jesus!



I’ve always believed in God from as young as I can remember. I used to hide under my blankets so God couldn’t see how naughty I was.

I booked my place in heaven aged 27 when I asked Jesus into my heart and life. That was the straight forward part, now I had to try and follow him and become more like him.

10 years later I wanted to take my own life because my life had got so painful. There were areas of my life that I wanted to be in control of and it all went very wrong.

Well God saved me again and this time he really helped me to restore my life, faith and damaged personal relationships.

Today, life’s the best it has ever been. I’m a new person with a hope for the future. My relationship with Jesus means everything and has to come first in my life.


RebekkaGrowing up abroad I felt at a young age a real sense of destiny, huge love for life and for God. I asked Jesus into my life when I was about 5 and never looked back. Later we moved to Berlin where I saw a lot of violence and heartache around me. Sadly the church we belonged to was unable to meet the needs.

I wanted to run from religion and its double standards, yet felt so hungry for God and his reality. God filled that hole in my heart like only he can.

There was a lot of insecurity in my life and it still comes knocking at times! But I’ve proved God to be everything he promised to be, whether I’m lying on a beautiful beach or on a hospital bed.

I find his love unchanging and tangible and the Bible relevant for today and really powerful.



I was brought up in a Christian home and at a young age decided to follow God but never gave God everything. By the time I got to my teens I was drinking and smoking and going out clubbing but still going to church trying to live two lives.


At the age of 28, married with two kids, by now I just stopped going to church but my parents still took our kids. It was twelve years later when my eldest daughter was being baptized that I realised what a mess I had made with my life so I prayed that God would give me something real and change me and he did.


Even in really difficult times he has always helped me through it and I will never look back. Give God a try and prove him for yourself, he will not let you down.



My first recollection of God was when I was 4 years old. My mother was very ill and I was taken into care. My foster mother Doreen must have been a Christian because I remember her taking me to a church hall in Stroud Rd where the New Testament Church now stands, sitting on the floor singing ‘Praise him, praise him, all the little children God is Love’.

When I was 20 I tried to take my life. It was a cry for help and a very low time in my life. I was invited to go to Robinswood church on the 7th of January 1979. I later found out that the church in High street where I went from time to time as a child had moved to a new building. 

God uses those who love him, and he used people in my life so I could know him. This is my story. God will never leave you or forsake you. Thank you Jesus for keeping me safe and carrying me at the lowest points in my life.



I was brought up in a Christian family and went to church but started to fall away in my teen years.


At 16 we moved to the midlands and I went from bad to worse, I got involved in crime, drugs and was drinking every night. By the age of 20 I was at rock bottom.


One night I got woken up, I know that was Jesus now. I opened my Mum’s Bible and it turned to John 3:16. That’s when I asked Jesus into my life and since then I’ve been clean of drugs and crime and I love Jesus with everything.


MarionI was born into a Christian home and invited Jesus to be my Saviour when I was 9. Later I married a Baptist minister and we had 2 children. One day he began an affair with a church member and went on to live with her. I couldn’t believe this could happen to me. After a long, painful journey, friends brought me to this church where I had an amazing encounter with God. He took away all my hurt and bitterness and filled me with His peace and I entered fully into what I had experienced as a child. Shortly after this my husband died. The Bible promises God will look after the widow and fatherless – I have proved this to be true.

God has given me an exciting life – I have done things and been to places I could never have imagined.

I serve a faithful God.



As I grew up I soon realised how hard life could be.  I was bullied at school for many years.  This affected my whole life, knocking my confidence and how I see myself.  As I was searching for something I tried different things but nothing filled the emptiness inside of me.  I started to go to a church near where I live but didn’t stay.

I bumped into some old friends who had become Christians and they invited me to their baptism.

The service was different to anything I had experienced before.  I felt that God was there and I realised that Jesus was what I was looking for.  The emptiness was filled.

God has done so much for me and I am much happier now God is in my life.  I feel that God has fixed me from the inside out and I am not broken anymore.  I am whole and God can use me to make a difference in someone else’s life.


BrianI was brought up in a Christian home and became a Christian when I was 15. However, it wasn’t until I was at Teacher Training College that I discovered the reality of God in my life. There I met other Christians who seemed to have a greater joy and experience of God. I began to know, by God’s Holy Spirit, God’s presence with me daily, leading me, guiding me in very real ways. I settled in Gloucester, married and now have 3 grown up children.

Life was good until, in my late 40’s, I went through a painful time of job-related stress but even at my lowest point I discovered that God was there for me. As God says in the Bible: ‘I will never leave you or forsake you’. I have found that whatever comes my way God will always see me through.


AdamAt 16 I got a moped. My parents had brought up in a godly background, but the moped era was where I went truly wrong. Boredom got me into deep trouble including crimes such as theft, robbery and violence. I was in so much trouble that I went to prison.

When I got out, I truly wanted to get my life back on track. I started reading the Bible and found myself really ‘getting into God’. I felt loved and accepted, settled and new. I felt completely in the right place.

I started getting deeper and deeper into God and working out who I was and what I was made for. Robbery, theft and violence are now a thing of the past!

Now I use my fun sense of humour to help people and empower them to move forward into their God given potential. I’m happier now then ever before and know that God is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.


DavidBoth my parents are Christians, I grew up in a Christian home and for ages I thought that that was it. I remember when I first decided to be a Christian for myself. It was at a kids’ camp, I don’t remember how old I was and I think it was my mum speaking. But I remember feeling that God wanted me to decide to follow Him for myself.

There were times in my life when I went away from God but I was always brought back to the fact that there is a God who made everything who loves me, who gives me a peace in my heart in my hardest times.


SarahHi, my name is Sarah and I’ve lived in Gloucester all my life. I’ve been married for 27 years, we have four children and we are expecting our first grandchild.

As a child and teenager I was lonely and found it hard to make friends. I was crippled by fear, worry, insecurity and eating disorders. The one thing that kept me going was the belief that God loved me and cared about me.

As I grew older, my life got better and I felt I didn’t need God so much. I went to church for the social side rather than to meet with God. I forgot that God still loved me completely and unconditionally.

One day I realised that so much love deserved my total trust and commitment. I started reading the Bible and talking to God again.

That day I started to live the adventure God designed me for.


DaveHi I am Dave, married with 4 children and 1 grandchild on the way.

As long as I can remember I have been going to Church but waited until I was 20 before God got my attention. I had tried to ignore him but He did not ignore me. One Sunday I realised I needed Him as my Saviour and since that day I have been on an amazing journey.

At times I try to go my own way and I mess up but Jesus gives me the strength to start over.

I have made a choice to follow Jesus because there’s nothing else that makes sense to me. He is simply the best.


ChasAs a teenager, a classmate asked if I had ever asked Jesus into my life, and could she pray with me to make that happen. I agreed and she prayed with me. Later that day, a joy came over me that I could not understand, then I realised that it was the presence of God in my life.

As I grew older I drifted away from God and did my best to ignore Him. But in recent years I realised that something was missing, so I asked God to come back into my life. Now every day I live with a sense of Gods love and purpose that pen and paper can not describe.

I know now, that it is the presence of God in my life that makes the difference, and that no matter what life may throw at me, God is by my side, doing life with me.


RobAfter being married for 17 years my marriage broke down. What was once a place of security had become a battlefield. I was brought up in a Christian home and I became a Christian when I was 11 years old. Surely my life shouldn’t have gone so badly wrong?

But – life is not about being 100% perfect – it’s about learning and growing from our experiences. I’ve realised that most people miss God’s ideal A1 plan because we’re only human and never consistently get it right.

I’m just one of many – imperfect but accepted and forgiven by an amazing Jesus!

Life is the warm up act for something much greater. With the help of some amazingly loyal and supportive friends I’m still standing – committed to moving forward with some new wisdom on life, ready for plan A100 and a life of purpose. God is truly an awesome God. Come On!


CathyI became a Christian as a teenager but have had to face many very difficult situations. Some have been unavoidable and some have been due to bad decisions or behaviour. God has never left me and has brought me through each of these difficult times, often in amazing ways.

Just under two years ago I was dying of liver failure. In the September I was told that without a transplant I would be dead before Christmas! I have 3 children and at the time they were aged 17, 14 and 10. It was one of those situations where I had no one else but God to trust. Whatever I went through He was always there for me and I know God will never let you down.

God really looked after me. A new liver became available, even before there was time to put my name on the transplant list. I am so glad to have been given another chance of life!