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I grew up in Germany with Christian parents. We moved back to England when I was 14. Starting a new school and making new friends changed my priorities. I ended up pushing God to the back of my mind, and got involved in things which I really should have steered clear of. But I was happy.

One day this sense of urgency began. At first I ignored it, not really understanding what it was all about. Suddenly I realized it was God offering me a choice; to choose “life on the wild side”, or to come back to Him.

So I slowly started going back to church. It’s been a long journey with ups and downs, and I’m so thankful that He accepts me with all my imperfections. I know I had people praying for me and I’m grateful that I serve a God of second chances.

Without Gods comfort and peace, I know I would not have got through what life has thrown at me.


JoyI was brought up in a very loving, caring but strict Christian home. I asked God into my life at the age of 8 and followed him faithfully until I hit 30. Mid life crisis came early I think, I thought I’d missed out on so much in my teens I wanted to make up for it, drinking and clubbing etc. Well two broken marriages later you can see where that got me! The only good things that came out of that time away from God are my 3 wonderful kids.

I realised I couldn’t do ‘life’ on my own; God couldn’t wave a magic wand and make everything better; but together we could begin to put my life back together. My life has dramatically turned around in the last 2 years. I am now healthy and happy in the knowledge that God is at ‘My’ centre and I am looking forward to all the challenges that lie ahead, whatever they might be.


AdamAt 16 I got a moped. My parents had brought up in a godly background, but the moped era was where I went truly wrong. Boredom got me into deep trouble including crimes such as theft, robbery and violence. I was in so much trouble that I went to prison.

When I got out, I truly wanted to get my life back on track. I started reading the Bible and found myself really ‘getting into God’. I felt loved and accepted, settled and new. I felt completely in the right place.

I started getting deeper and deeper into God and working out who I was and what I was made for. Robbery, theft and violence are now a thing of the past!

Now I use my fun sense of humour to help people and empower them to move forward into their God given potential. I’m happier now then ever before and know that God is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.


AdamI was brought up in a Christian family and was always encouraged to find out the real meaning of life through church attendance. As I got into my teenage years I started to experiment with alcohol, got into fights and began to use drugs. Soon enough I got bored of church and gave up on believing in God.

My family invited me to attend a Christian conference called ‘Spring Harvest’. A band called ‘The Tribe’ performed and Lindz West preached a message on the “love of God” and gave his testimony. He asked if anyone wanted to become a Christian. I felt God’s power and went forward to give my life to Jesus. Since then life has had its highs and lows, but with God on my side I have strength in times of trouble.


DaveI was raised in a Christian home and went to Sunday school and church from a young age. I first made a commitment to Jesus when I was about 10, it helped a lot at the time but as I reached my mid/late teens I got into drinking, smoking, clubs, pubs and all-night raves. I also had several girlfriends but no relationship lasted very long. At the end of one relationship I decided it was time to renew my commitment to Jesus as I found none of these things could fulfil me and I had no peace in my life. From then on my life got better instantly, I got a better job, more friends and in time married my beautiful wife, we now have 2 boys.

Above all I have the peace of God and a meaning and purpose to my life that could never be replaced.


GaryMy parents divorced when I was a young teenager, leading me to a pretty wayward lifestyle. I began using drugs and found that it made me feel good, not realising that all I was doing was blocking my emotions. Then came alcohol and thirty years of addiction, misery and hell. The last fifteen years of that period has been a quest for peace and freedom; eight residential rehabs, counselling, AA, NA, you name it. Addiction remained in me like a demon; relapse after relapse.

My upbringing was fully secular but during these last fifteen years I have yearned for faith in my life. Less than one year ago I decided to fully give my life to Jesus and I’ve never looked back from that day. I know without doubt that I can trust our Lord. I opened the floodgates of my heart to Jesus and he blessed me with a freedom I’ve never known. THANK YOU LORD.