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Where do I start? I’ve been a Christian for 28 years. Do I talk about the miracles in my life or God’s keeping power and grace when losing the twins. Or about my loving Husband and two great kids, my business, my house, etc. God has been good.

I was brought up in a loving and caring family, my dad was into rugby so every weekend we would go off to the rugby club. I uses to look around and see people laughing and having fun but inside would think there has to be more to life than this. So at the age of 9 one Sunday I went for a walk and came across Robinswood Church, it was 2pm, Sunday School was on so I went in. There was a different kind of fun going on. I used to go off to Kids camp and found out that God had a plan and purpose and wanted to help me fulfil my potential in my life.

I know and trust the past to God’s mercy, the present to Gods love and the future to God’s providence.



I first went to church when I was 9 but by the age of 13 I had turned my back on church. I didn’t enjoy church anymore, because at this time other things, such as, football and drinking were more important.

When I was 19 I injured my back, this meant I could no longer play football. This cut me off from my group of friends and the world I was used to. Whilst injured my old youth leader invited me to the youth group, I thought I would give it a go. As a result I met loads of old friends and started to attend more often but mainly for the socials. Until one night I felt God’s power and knew I had to give everything to God.

God has overwhelmed me with his love, power and grace. My life has never been the same since. He healed me, forgave me and has given me life to the full.

My life has changed, I now live to glorify God and help others get the best out of their life.


SueAs a child I began to feel guilty about the things I was doing wrong but was without the self-control to do anything about it! During a Christian youth event, I heard that, through Jesus, I could be forgiven and live with His power to help me. I asked Him to come and be a part of my life. My world took on a whole new outlook – I know why I’m here! The Jesus, who I thought only belonged in Bible stories, has become real to me.

As a teenager I developed ‘athletes foot’ – this was so severe it reached the heels on both my feet. Over two years it caused me much distress and treatments didn’t work. I prayed and asked Jesus to heal me. Seven days later it was completely gone! I know my God really is alive!


DavidI grew up in a Christian family attending church every week.

As a teenager, in my mind, I began to question some of the traditions and beliefs I was being taught. However I couldn’t deny the presence of a power and peace that I could see in the lives of some Christians around me.

I needed to experience God for myself, but it was only when I made a step of faith, and asked God into my life, that I had that personal experience with Him.

A few years later I had an awesome encounter with God when I received his Spirit and spoke in a number of different languages (see “Baptism of The Spirit”, The Bible, Acts, chapter 2 verse 4).

Trusting God’s plan for my life has been really good, he has given me a loving soul-mate in my wife and five rewarding children.


MichaelI was born in Southend, Essex in 1933 to a very good and morally upright family. We occasionally went to church but I had no guidance on having a vital personal relationship with God.

I remember childhood feelings for God and answers to prayer. I know that these childhood experiences prepared my heart for hearing the gospel of Christ later on.

This happened in a pentecostal church in Slough in 1952 where I heard that Christ died for me! Me! The revelation of this powerful truth demanded a response. I was very soon converted to Christ.

I was in the RAF at the time, and my life-change amazed my fellow-airmen in the billet.

Now, all these years on – it is extraordinary the way my life has been led by the Good Shepherd. Goodness and mercy has followed me, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.


TinaI went to church as a child but didn’t experience the reality of God until I was 16. My parents had divorced and I was struggling to come to terms with this. I came to a youth event with some friends and felt God’s love in a way that was so real. I realised that God loved me enough to let his son, Jesus, die for me. I decided then that I wanted a relationship with the God who loved me unconditionally. I understood that going to church wasn’t enough and that I needed God’s power in my life to direct me.

Over the last 20 years God has been faithful even though I have let him down, he has always forgiven me and guided me in what to do in all aspects of life – marriage, house buying, job hunting. I know God will never let me down.