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Where do I start? I’ve been a Christian for 28 years. Do I talk about the miracles in my life or God’s keeping power and grace when losing the twins. Or about my loving Husband and two great kids, my business, my house, etc. God has been good.

I was brought up in a loving and caring family, my dad was into rugby so every weekend we would go off to the rugby club. I uses to look around and see people laughing and having fun but inside would think there has to be more to life than this. So at the age of 9 one Sunday I went for a walk and came across Robinswood Church, it was 2pm, Sunday School was on so I went in. There was a different kind of fun going on. I used to go off to Kids camp and found out that God had a plan and purpose and wanted to help me fulfil my potential in my life.

I know and trust the past to God’s mercy, the present to Gods love and the future to God’s providence.


Kev6 years ago I wasn’t bothered with God. I didn’t need him to achieve what I wanted in life. Family, prosperity and promotion – I was very good at getting it myself. It started with an Alpha Course, an introduction to Christianity. What did I have to lose? I thought it would be a laugh and I would never give in to the people trying to convert or brainwash me. Over the weeks my views changed. I thought I would become a Christian – just to see what it was like. But it was hard being two different people at the same time. I knew I had to make a choice. I believe in retrospect that God helped me with that after my submarine accident in 2002. I know that God didn’t cause it but surviving it and being here today is totally down to God.



Growing up in a Christian home can, on the face of it, seem to be the easy road to becoming a Christian yourself, but there are pitfalls.


I grew up in a Christian family, where my mum and dad took me to church right from a baby. However, I had to recognise that I needed to make a commitment myself, I could not get by through my parents faith. I made this decision as a young child, but reaffirmed that decision when I was about 12 years old.


In my life I have experienced a personal healing and also miracles where finance has come to me just at the time I need it (not just when I wanted it).


In life we just need to remember that God is in control, and that all experiences, whether good or bad, help us to grow.



I went to church from a young age but as a teenager I rebelled and stopped going. I never stopped believing in Jesus, but I had never given my life over to Him.

This changed when I attended a Billy Graham Live Link in Gloucester in 1989. ‘Where would I go if I died tonight’ Billy asked, and I was unsure – I know now! I gave my life to the Lord and have the peace, joy and love that can only come from truly knowing Jesus.

In 2001 I survived a car crash. A friend and I were driving to a Christian event. A lorry ploughed into the car bulldozing it 200yds down the M32. The car was written-off, we escaped completely unharmed. The police were amazed, even more so when asked to drive us to our concert. They did, and we thanked the Lord all the way.


MaryI have been a Christian as long as I can remember. Being brought up in a Christian home meant that going to church on a Sunday and hearing people talk about God was part of everyday life.

When I was 12 it dawned on me the seriousness of what being a Christian, a ‘Christ Follower’, really meant. What would happen if I died right then? Would I go to heaven? At that point I knew I needed to know Jesus as my own saviour, and that that decision would impact the rest of my life.

Since that day I have never looked back, and my relationship with Jesus has been the most amazing adventure!!! I have travelled all over the world, seen miracles, heard God speak to me and never felt alone. He has never let me down… not even once! Go on, give it a try… What’s the worst that could happen?