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BeckyI was brought up with the title of ‘Pastor`s kid’; my father was a Pentecostal minister and until I turned fourteen I was everything that the daughter of a minister should be. At that point in my life a car accident caused a stroke in my dad and my world was turned upside down. I abandoned God and sought ‘love’ in the arms of any man that would have me.

This continued until the age of 18 when I finally realised that the only place to find the love I’d been so desperately craving was in the arms of the Author of love; my Lord Jesus. Since returning to that place I’ve never felt so secure, so loved; all of the depression and guilt that haunted me through my teenage years were lifted and now I live in the confidence and assurance that no matter what, He is still with me.


I joined the army at 16 to get away from an oppressive Catholic regime. Life in the army was spent drinking and carousing with a lot of coarse language.

It was when I was at the lowest point in my life, 28 years later, that a friend told me of his God. I knew that He was what was missing in my life. I met several Christians who lived the life and wish I could say I was the one who found God. Truth is it was me who was lost. He wasn’t the same being who I’d left at 16. This God loved me; thought I had worth. I confessed myself before Him and begged to be allowed into His life.

Since then I’ve married and both of us attend our ‘family’ church. The changes in my life have been dramatic and lasting but still ongoing. I’m being renewed.

Ann – Extended Story

Ann - Extended StoryMy story proves, without any shadow of doubt, three wonderful and amazing things about God.

He is REAL

Always searching for something or someone – never satisfied – fear, anxiety, disappointment, anger. All these emotions ruled my life all through my teenage years into my late twenties. By this time I was married with three children, living in Singapore. My husband was an alcoholic who made our lives intolerable and fear was always present as we wondered what would happen when my husband came home.

A couple had moved into our neighbourhood and they started up a Good News Club on a Friday night for the children in the area. My two elder children started going and absolutely loved it. They would come home and sing choruses and tell me all about the fun they were having. Sometimes I would find myself crying as they sang their songs.. Then one night they came home absolutely FULL of excitement, saying ‘why didn’t you tell us that we could ask Jesus into our heart and be born again and we can go to heaven. My response was, I didn’t know that. Well, we’ve done it they said, we have asked Jesus to come into our hearts. I saw my children change over the following months. They had joy, they had peace, they were coping with life better than I was. Finally, one Friday night I was so overwhelmed by my situation, my life, my fear, that I went into my garden, crying, looked up at the sky and said, God if this is true, if you are real, then do something, change my life and I hand over my life to you.. There was no bolt of lightening, no revelation, but just saying those words released something in me and the next morning I woke up with hope in my heart. My situation didn’t change, in fact it got worse, especially when I told my husband what I had done, but I did. I had found what I had been looking for I had found God – the Real, living God who gives peace and joy. God protected, blessed, and enabled us to live in the same circumstances with a tremendous happiness in our lives.

God eventually made a way for the children and I to move to Zimbabwe where we found a Pentecostal Church. It was here that I discovered that God is THE Provider – a single mum with three children and we never, ever went without and ALWAYS had enough to give and bless others.. we were living out our lives when, after a period of three years, my husband literally turned up on my doorstep, having left the Air Force. He asked for a second chance. As a Christian I felt I should try to reconcile our marriage. We then had another child, but unfortunately he had not changed and eventually we ended our marriage.

David was the last born and right from a very young age he had a heart after God. He loved people and was fearless in his approach to sharing the gospel, one day at a rugby match some young people were swearing and drinking and he went up and told them that Jesus loved them. There are many stories I could tell you about him. Two months after David’s 13th Birthday he went off to school on the Monday morning and was killed by an army truck that went through a red light. How I wish I could say that when this happened I trusted my God, I rested in Him, but I didn’t. I, who had experienced provision, love, peace, life – turned away, became angry, blaming God for David’s death.

I said to God I am walking away – I am going to live my own life and I did. But, oh the mercy of God, He let me go but he gave me someone to walk with me. Chas and I came to England 23 years ago, not intending to stay. For many of those years I tried very hard to forget God, but He did not forget me. I look back and I can see his mercy and love in operation even in my rebellion. There were times when I would look at creation and would want to praise God and I did. I praised Him but I didn’t want to follow Him. Once, I offered to pray for a work colleague who was going through a difficult time and I prayed in tongues. God’s mercy – God’s faithfulness, God never leaving me. So many times I would hear the whisper of God – come on, come back but I would harden my heart. However, I knew my life was lacking, Again never satisfied, I was always looking for something else. Together Chas and I knew we needed to find God again, we knew there was an empty space in our lives and we knew it was God that we needed but we didn’t quite know how to find Him. Our reconnection started at Tewkesbury Abbey. A strange place to start one thinks, but for us, it was the right place. God knows us ALL so well.

I am an emotional person and sometimes I cannot rely on my emotions, I need to know truth and reality (always my cry) so all the momentous times I have had with God have not been at some great rally or amazing service but in the quiet places where it has only been God and me. I was saved in my garden, no preacher, no altar call – I was filled by the Holy Spirit in my own home and I reconnected with God in the quiet of the Abbey, with no inspiring sermon I can’t tell you when I said O God, I’m sorry, take me back, restore me. I think it was my cry for longer than I realise. I CAN tell you that not for one minute did I think God would reject me. Like the father of the prodigal son, God was just waiting for me to return. I returned with nothing, other than my shame and sorrow, and was given a new chance, a new life

Two years at Tewkesbury Abbey, THE SLOW DANCE and then God led us to One Church, Home. I am HOME, back with my Father, back with the family, where I belong. Someone prophesied over us about a couple of years ago, someone who knew NOTHING at all about our story and said a page had turned in our lives and we now had a Blank page that God was going to write on. A BLANK SHEET – not smeared, not rubbed out – A BLANK WHITE SHEET – the grace of God.

My story is one of LOVE, not mine, but Gods

My story is one of MERCY, not mine, but Gods

My story is one of FAITHFULNESS, not mine but Gods


RebekkaGrowing up abroad I felt at a young age a real sense of destiny, huge love for life and for God. I asked Jesus into my life when I was about 5 and never looked back. Later we moved to Berlin where I saw a lot of violence and heartache around me. Sadly the church we belonged to was unable to meet the needs.

I wanted to run from religion and its double standards, yet felt so hungry for God and his reality. God filled that hole in my heart like only he can.

There was a lot of insecurity in my life and it still comes knocking at times! But I’ve proved God to be everything he promised to be, whether I’m lying on a beautiful beach or on a hospital bed.

I find his love unchanging and tangible and the Bible relevant for today and really powerful.


IanMy life before becoming a Christian from the outside looked perfect. Good job, my own house, great friends and great family. But from the inside, I was full of doubt, anger, greed, arrogance and a need to impress people through things. Most of all there was an emptiness that I could never quite put my finger on. In fact how many grown men break down in tears in the middle of a busy town… talking to a pastor?

I went away with one prayer, please Lord help me! I want to come home. Since that day, with God’s grace, word and love I have been blessed with the power to love, forgive and accept. I have met some wonderful people and know that God directs my steps.

I still have my job, my house, great friends and the best family I could ever wish for, as well as many flaws (ask the above). The emptiness has been filled by Jesus Christ with his forgiveness, love and love of us all.



I came to church at the age of 15 through the youth group every Friday night.


They talked about God being able to take all the worries and sadness of my childhood from my shoulders and him taking care of them for me.

I wrote them down and gave them to him and never looked back. I knew from that moment God treasured and loved me and he’d never stop.


From an unconfident, self conscious teenage girl came a woman full of life and love ready to impact the world with what Gods put in me.



Up until I was 30, my life had nothing to do with religion whatsoever! Then one day last summer I was reading a fiction book that had a part that involved the life of Jesus. As I was reading, a thought just suddenly crashed into my head, ‘This man, Jesus, spread the teaching of love, respect and hope, and died because of it for us!

Isn’t this man worthy of your worship?’

After this experience I just wanted to find out more about Jesus, so after a few weeks of soul searching I bought a bible and began reading it (much to the shock of my partner who thought I was just a big atheist!) and things just started to make sense in my life. Now I find myself just wanting to seek out more about Jesus and worshiping God!


Ben H

Ever since I could remember I have always been in and around Christians, I have been raised in a very strong loving, caring and fun family who really love me and appreciate me.

I’ve been a Christian now for 10 years and God has really blessed me. I’m really the type of person who if I decide not to do something you will know about it but with the way I am, God has always used my character to the best and positive advantages of my life.

I will do anything for my family and also friends closest to me even though they might not do the same for me.



I first went to church when I was 9 but by the age of 13 I had turned my back on church. I didn’t enjoy church anymore, because at this time other things, such as, football and drinking were more important.

When I was 19 I injured my back, this meant I could no longer play football. This cut me off from my group of friends and the world I was used to. Whilst injured my old youth leader invited me to the youth group, I thought I would give it a go. As a result I met loads of old friends and started to attend more often but mainly for the socials. Until one night I felt God’s power and knew I had to give everything to God.

God has overwhelmed me with his love, power and grace. My life has never been the same since. He healed me, forgave me and has given me life to the full.

My life has changed, I now live to glorify God and help others get the best out of their life.



My first recollection of God was when I was 4 years old. My mother was very ill and I was taken into care. My foster mother Doreen must have been a Christian because I remember her taking me to a church hall in Stroud Rd where the New Testament Church now stands, sitting on the floor singing ‘Praise him, praise him, all the little children God is Love’.

When I was 20 I tried to take my life. It was a cry for help and a very low time in my life. I was invited to go to Robinswood church on the 7th of January 1979. I later found out that the church in High street where I went from time to time as a child had moved to a new building. 

God uses those who love him, and he used people in my life so I could know him. This is my story. God will never leave you or forsake you. Thank you Jesus for keeping me safe and carrying me at the lowest points in my life.



For 10 years I had been a “Prodigal”, as a result of taking offense in Church and relying on my own reasoning’s which Proverbs 3:5&6 says not to do!

Then, at the beginning of 2001 I was encouraged to join a weight loss programme called- ”EXODUS” (Out of Slavery & Bondage). The Holy Spirit spoke to and ministered to me in amazing ways…… (Psalm 32)

It was about falling in love with Jesus, listening to His voice, being obedient to His Word and will for my life.

I found out my identity in Jesus and my standing in Father God.

Also in 2001 my husband became very ill and I know that without the loving presence of The Lord Jesus, we would not have survived!

Through prayer, fasting and trusting; The Lord has brought me thus far in this awesome journey of faith in Him and His word. Ephesians 1:3-14.



On 20th July 1987, I started a new life.  I was 57.  My husband, John, and I had been searching.  Nothing really fulfilled us.  We both knew there was more to life.


On the previous day John was suddenly touched by God.  So great was the transformation, I knew for certain Jesus was the answer, and quietly asked Him to come in to my heart.


The difference in my life was striking.  It took me through major heart surgery shortly afterwards.  Peace instead of fear.  God planning each step, but my life has been so exciting since then.


A couple of years ago John died after suffering with Alzheimer’s.

What a difference it made knowing he is with the Lord Jesus.


Whatever we face, how reassuring to know God’s love never fails.

As His Word says He is with you always, even unto the end of the age.



I was brought up in a family who took me to church. It was there that I decided that I wanted to be a follower of Jesus. That was about 40 years ago. Since then I have found that life can sometimes be hard, simple, happy or sad but whatever I’ve been through God has always been with me. He has shown me that His love is unconditional and strong. In today’s society absolutes can sometimes be hard to find but God has proved to me that he can be absolutely trusted at all times with all things no matter how big, or for that matter, how small.



Being a single parent is not a lifestyle I chose for myself or my child. Being a Christian seemed to make the turmoil of separation and divorce even more heart breaking because I knew how God honours family life and how He is grieved by any breakdown of relationships.


But through this experience I have learned how loving and forgiving God really is and how He understands my weaknesses. Not only does God accept me in my failings but He also restores my life by helping me to forgive myself and others. God also gave me a new sense of hope in the future. I am now happy in the knowledge that God will never leave me or give up on me no matter what happens.



I became a Christian when I was 11 during a particularly boring Thursday morning Art lesson. The night before I had been with the same good friend that prayed with me in the back of that classroom, to a youth group in her church. Walking home after listening to the pastor read from the Bible, I understood for the first time that God loved me, had designed me inside and out and held an exciting purpose for my life in his hands. That first simple meeting with my creator has carried me through eighteen years of absolute highs and definite lows such as when I lost my amazing Dad to a heart attack three years ago. It was devastating but I know that before, throughout and beyond that awful time, God was and is a constant friend, a true father and my healer. Eighteen years on from that Art lesson, I just can’t imagine living my life without God at the centre of it.



The first time I really heard about Jesus was in a library!

 A Billy Graham film was shown and I heard people say how Jesus had changed them and helped them.  This was the first time I remember hearing the Gospel, the Good News. At 13 I wanted Jesus in my life!

My family moved and with no church or friends, that could have been the end of my Christian journey, but God had a plan.  At my new school, someone helped me to settle in ….she was a Christian!  We became friends and she invited me to church.   The first time I went, I felt it was home!  

In 1978 I moved to Gloucester.  I thank God for His continuing love and plan for me.  All the way my Saviour leads me….


What do you call someone whose life was bound by depression, anxiety and an eating disorder by 14 years of age; a person with an irrational fear of death,  whose first marriage resulted in domestic violence and then went on to suffer with OCD living life in fear of everything and everyone?

A mess! 

15 years ago a colleague took me to church and I was overwhelmed by a feeling of peace and love – the presence of Jesus.  That night I said a prayer to invite Jesus in to my life and was adopted into the family of God.

Life still has its ups and downs but each and every day Jesus is doing life right beside me.  I am now remarried with a great family and I’m free to be the person God intended me to be, living a life of excitement, fulfilment and happiness!


DSC_5668Growing up in a great family with loving parents meant I didn’t go to church looking for anything, I went for something to do. I enjoyed the songs, stories and being with friends and kind adults who were caring towards me.

I was 11 when I heard about how much God loved me, how he wanted me to experience his closeness every day, because I could never live perfect enough he gave a replacement, perfect Jesus, he died so I could live my life with God. I chose that day to accept what Jesus did for me and join myself to God forever.

I’m now 40, happily married with 2 children, God has been with me every day – never left me, I share everything with him, happy and sad times, when I face fears and when I’m having fun, normal and memorable days. I recommend living life with God it’s absolutely brilliant.


EmmaI love my life!

But it hasn’t always been that way, a few years ago I hit rock bottom when I had no self esteem and would have preferred to live my life hidden away from reality. I listened to the negativity spoken over my life and allowed myself to believe that to fit in I needed to conform to society’s view of what was normal and beautiful.

At a youth conference in 2006 I surrendered my worries and fears to God, since then I have learned how to love and respect myself. I cannot imagine going through life everyday without the faith I have in God, and the faith I have in the amazing future He has planned out for me. I want to live a life that impacts others, I know I will face difficulties but I’m not gonna hold back!


JoeI was brought up in church from day one and, though I knew right from wrong, church and being a Christian were ‘Sunday’ things rather than a lifestyle.

Life seemed good as I grew into more responsibility in church until a close and young family member died suddenly during my A levels. I started a degree in a new city and hit an assault course of situations; recreational drugs, sexuality and two suicides of close friends left me feeling empty, lonely and doubting the future.

After visiting my parents one weekend I felt compelled to go to church. I told God that enough was enough, that if He was real He had to show me black and white… the rest is history.

God’s not bothered about my past; he believes in me and wants the best for me. He’s always there cheering me on and loving me unconditionally, no matter how much I mess up – there’s nothing better than that!


DaveI started life in a non-Christian family with a lot of anger from my parents’ relationship with their parents; God took over my family’s life when I was two. From then I grew in the ways of Christ. I found love and was planning a life.

2008 changed my life. My fiancée and I grew apart and finished it, both feeling lost and confused. How can God lead us in a such a way to devastate what we thought would be a life for Him?

I lost my way, failing to see the greater plan God had for me. But in the last year I have come to know a God who cares, a God who has my life in the forefront of His mind and guides my steps. I have grown into more responsibility both in work and in myself. I have been given a second chance to love and care for another.

My life is in His hands, with Him I know that impossible is nothing.


DavidBoth my parents are Christians, I grew up in a Christian home and for ages I thought that that was it. I remember when I first decided to be a Christian for myself. It was at a kids’ camp, I don’t remember how old I was and I think it was my mum speaking. But I remember feeling that God wanted me to decide to follow Him for myself.

There were times in my life when I went away from God but I was always brought back to the fact that there is a God who made everything who loves me, who gives me a peace in my heart in my hardest times.


KatieI’ve been going to church since I was a child, grown up understanding the values and the Ten Commandments, but I truly didn’t understand God’s love until I experienced its acceptance for myself.

There have been times I have let God down, but He has always been there for me through everything! His love and grace is so strong for us, that even when we have hurt God, it doesn’t change the way He loves us.

I went through a time where I really had to trust God. What I learnt through the situation was that what God says is true.

He is Faithful, Merciful, Forgiving, Comforting, Loving and Trusting.

My God is a God that will never let you down.


MatthewMy name’s Matthew, I’m 24 years old and was bought up in a Christian home. I went to Sunday school and knew all the Bible stories but didn’t really know God personally.

Then one youth camp in Torquay came that totally changed me. One meeting they said if you want to know God personally walk to the front. It was scary to walk to the front but I’ve never looked back.

God’s with me whatever I do and wherever I go. I finished school, went to college and did an apprenticeship, lived life as full as I could. I’ve travelled, played sports, had fun and loads of laughs. Everything I do, God is with me. Even when I mess up which I do a lot, God still loves me. This love and security makes me feel safe.

I’m now about to start university and start a new phase in my life in which I guarantee God’s one step ahead.