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PennyAlthough happily married with 3 wonderful children, the death of a close friend 5 years ago left me lonely and questioning the purpose of life, I had a strong feeling that death could not be the end. This bought me to church where I heard how much God loved me and how I mattered to him and I knew I wanted to experience this for myself.

Since getting to know Jesus I have been on an incredible journey. I have developed a new confidence that comes from knowing God loves me unconditionally and I have a freedom that has come through learning to forgive others. I am still far from perfect but God is gracious, I know he has a plan and a purpose for my life and I am excited about what my future holds with God beside me.


SarahI’ve been at church since I was 7 days old. I’ve been brought up aware that there is a God and that Jesus died for me!

There were a lot of times when I struggled with my faith, but God never turned his back on me!

It was at the age of 19 that I needed God the most, my partner of four years had just been killed in a car accident. Even though it was the most painful, horrifying time of my life, I immediately turned my eyes and focused on God.

I will never forget my past, but God has helped me to build a happy future for myself. He placed his arms around me and protected me through this time; he has never allowed me to feel lonely.