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Looking back I now realise that there was a part of me that was always looking for God. When I was a teenager I questioned things all the time and had an opinion on everything.

I enjoyed life. I had a job, boyfriends, a great family and social life, but I remember always feeling like something was missing. I remember lying in bed almost every night thinking about life and death and feeling this overwhelming feeling that I was missing out on something that I was supposed to be a part of but didn’t have a clue what it was.

Through a series of events I ended up at Robinswood church where I finally found all the answers to my questions in a relationship with Jesus. Someone once said to me that everyone has a God shaped hole in their lives, that was me, I didn’t realise what it was until God filled it.

The knowledge that God has a plan and purpose for my life gives me peace and confidence in everything I do. I have been a Christian now for nearly 23 years and I have never looked back.




I always believed in God but never had a strong relationship with him. At school it was more day-to-day and I HAD to go as it was a catholic school. So when I finished I rebelled and felt like I could go and do what I wanted.

I would drink most weekends and would always be out with my friends without a care in the world, and God was soon pushed out the way.

I would pray when I felt things were hard and that would be it, but I never felt satisfied in day-to-day life, relationships, friendships, or in any part of my life.

After taking “too much” I begged God to come into my life, and was truly lifted to my feet like a gush of wind and I have never looked back. I now have God in my life everyday and we are the best of friends!


JohnThere must be more to life than this? A defensive, inward looking man who loved his family and a few close friends. Work and my downtime just left me somehow unsatisfied; there was something missing and I felt incomplete. So I reached out and cried out for something bigger to enter into my life. God never ignores an open door. Grace entered into my life and I connected to something so much bigger than me. Transformed by God’s grace from hopeless to expectant. I thank my parents that they taught me about my Father who loves completely and unrelentingly. Also for the prayers and patience of so many that God has positioned in my life to encourage and grow me. I am filled with purpose and an absolute certainty that my life is not a waste of time and that I have a perfect destination at its end.


ChristineMy name is Christine, I live in Gloucester with my husband Tim and sons Paul and Simon.

I was born in London into a Roman Catholic family I attended church and school where religion was simply hammered into us day in and day out. The day I left school I left the Catholic Church behind me.

In April 2005 I attended an Alpha course and soon realised that the void in my life could be filled by a relationship with God.

In November 2006 I committed my life to Jesus and was baptised in Robinswood Church supported by my family and friends. A wonderful church family surrounds me, when I asked God for help He put the right people in my life they have counselled me, encouraged me and prayed with me.

I am growing daily in the understanding of God through reading the Bible, worship and daily prayer.