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The first time I really heard about Jesus was in a library!

 A Billy Graham film was shown and I heard people say how Jesus had changed them and helped them.  This was the first time I remember hearing the Gospel, the Good News. At 13 I wanted Jesus in my life!

My family moved and with no church or friends, that could have been the end of my Christian journey, but God had a plan.  At my new school, someone helped me to settle in ….she was a Christian!  We became friends and she invited me to church.   The first time I went, I felt it was home!  

In 1978 I moved to Gloucester.  I thank God for His continuing love and plan for me.  All the way my Saviour leads me….


MikeAlthough I was not brought up in a practicing Christian home I have to confess that in times of difficulty, I would pray. As a result of my interest in science and my technical education I started to question everything in my late teens and early twenties, including did God exist and what was the purpose of life.

At the age of 24 I reluctantly agreed to attend a church in Slough. I could see everyone was really enjoying themselves and were passionate about their faith in God and Jesus. However this did not stop my questions, but answers only led to more questions. Eventually I realised I would never understand everything and could see that people who called themselves Christians had something that I did not have. So after some weeks I decided to ask Jesus into my life. Now I can say I know God in a very personal way.


LisaI grew up believing in God. At the age of 19, after the death of my grandmother, I began to question the meaning of life and ‘If there is a God, why…’

I was invited along to Church by a friend. I was surprised it was so lively. I never expected to see drums and electric guitars being played! I remember thinking this can’t be church it must be Butlins! I heard for the first time that I could have a personal relationship with Jesus. I made my mind up on that day that I wanted to get to know him.

All these years on, I can say that Jesus has become an incredible best friend to me. He has cheered me on through the tough times, partied with me through the good times and walks with me through the ordinary times. I’m so glad I now understand the meaning of life!


LucyBeing brought up in an amazing, fun and busy Christian family, as the youngest of 5 kids, I found it easy to slip into the background living a life that seemed right in everybody else’s eyes – everyone except God’s! I knew how to play it cool, but deep down I always knew that all I had was a surface level relationship with God. Then I did Fire Academy… I chose to give God my everything, I realised that the very things I wanted so badly, like friends, grades, a job, a relationship, were worse off in my control, but when given to God, it’s the place where they flourish and become great.

I’ve never regretted a single day that’s gone by since I fully trusted God. I just keep digging deep, revealing new dreams and gifts I never thought I had. Sometimes it’s hard, but I love it, because when you only have Jesus – you have EVERYTHING!!!!!


RobAfter being married for 17 years my marriage broke down. What was once a place of security had become a battlefield. I was brought up in a Christian home and I became a Christian when I was 11 years old. Surely my life shouldn’t have gone so badly wrong?

But – life is not about being 100% perfect – it’s about learning and growing from our experiences. I’ve realised that most people miss God’s ideal A1 plan because we’re only human and never consistently get it right.

I’m just one of many – imperfect but accepted and forgiven by an amazing Jesus!

Life is the warm up act for something much greater. With the help of some amazingly loyal and supportive friends I’m still standing – committed to moving forward with some new wisdom on life, ready for plan A100 and a life of purpose. God is truly an awesome God. Come On!