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As a child I was sent to Sunday school, which was in the local Chapel. I really enjoyed this time of my life.

Then one Sunday evening when I was about 12, I went to an Evangelistic meeting and the speaker told the story of the Crucifixion. This made me understand just what Jesus had done for me and I felt that I wanted to give my life completely to him, so I said a prayer with someone straight away.

Life has brought many situations my way since
then, including drifting away from my walk with God, but he has called me back several
times, but I know that he is always there and supplies my every need.

He has loved me through every change in my life.

Kev – Extended story

I guess I have always believed that God existed –  I was brought up in a loving Christian home where we attended Church every week.   However faith in God is a very personal thing and although I knew the bible stories, I knew about prayer etc. there comes a point where one has to decide for themselves to become a Christian (a follower of Christ)  – it’s one thing believing that God exists (many people do) but it’s a very different thing accepting and putting into practice the teachings of Jesus.

For me I was very young when I first made a decision that I wanted to become a Christian – I must have been about 7 years old – many people would argue that this was too young to really understand what I was doing, but for me it was a very real experience – I can distinctly remember sitting in a Church meeting listening to a preacher talk about the love of God and at the end of the talk the preacher asked if anyone wanted to make a decision to follow Christ  – I responded – I can remember the event so clearly;  and I guess it must have been ‘real’ because 38 years later I am still following Christ.

There are many stories I could tell about how I have known God’s direction or intervention in my life – but there is one story that I feel that I must share – it was about 7-8 years ago and I was in the hospital visiting my mum – I’d never seen her so unwell – and I remember standing with my dad at her bedside as she was undergoing dialysis.  The prognosis was not good.  As dad and I left the hospital together we walked past the Hospital Chapel – I remember turning to my dad and suggesting that we spend some time in prayer together.  We both entered the Chapel and sat in the quiet and prayed – and I can honestly say that it was from that point on that mum started to get better – she fully recovered.  For me it was such a special thing to be able to sit with my own father as together we prayed to our ‘Heavenly Father’ to intervene – and He did!


Having worshipped with a Pentecostal church most of my life God has blessed
me richly through the baptism of the Holy Spirit after coming to know Jesus.
He has provided a husband and son for me as well as somewhere to live. In
recent years I have worked within a good retail environment, although I
have now retired. I can honestly say that God never fails and is The God
near at hand that I know will never let me go.
As with everyone, there are many things a Christian may go through in life but Christ is our strength. Both in the past and in recent years I have experienced Christ’s
blessings and they certainly are ongoing. Fellowship with the church I
worship at is just great and I am very thankful for the Lord leading my
husband and I there. Bless the Lord our God.


As a child I was abused by my step father which caused Mental Health problems during my teens and early 20s. I had Psychiatric treatment at this time and was a very disturbed young person.

I can’t ever remember not believing in God but didn’t know I could have a personal relationship with Him.

It was during my nurse training in 1968 that I asked Jesus Christ into my heart and my life was transformed.  I was able to forgive my step father and in forgiving I was set free.

In 1981 God gave me a promise. He told me I would never again see a Psychiatrist as a patient but would work with many as colleagues.

I haven’t seen a Psychiatrist as a patient for 42 years but I did however work with many during a 30 year career as a Psychiatric Nurse!

God is faithful and keeps His promises.



Ann – Extended Story

Ann - Extended StoryMy story proves, without any shadow of doubt, three wonderful and amazing things about God.

He is REAL

Always searching for something or someone – never satisfied – fear, anxiety, disappointment, anger. All these emotions ruled my life all through my teenage years into my late twenties. By this time I was married with three children, living in Singapore. My husband was an alcoholic who made our lives intolerable and fear was always present as we wondered what would happen when my husband came home.

A couple had moved into our neighbourhood and they started up a Good News Club on a Friday night for the children in the area. My two elder children started going and absolutely loved it. They would come home and sing choruses and tell me all about the fun they were having. Sometimes I would find myself crying as they sang their songs.. Then one night they came home absolutely FULL of excitement, saying ‘why didn’t you tell us that we could ask Jesus into our heart and be born again and we can go to heaven. My response was, I didn’t know that. Well, we’ve done it they said, we have asked Jesus to come into our hearts. I saw my children change over the following months. They had joy, they had peace, they were coping with life better than I was. Finally, one Friday night I was so overwhelmed by my situation, my life, my fear, that I went into my garden, crying, looked up at the sky and said, God if this is true, if you are real, then do something, change my life and I hand over my life to you.. There was no bolt of lightening, no revelation, but just saying those words released something in me and the next morning I woke up with hope in my heart. My situation didn’t change, in fact it got worse, especially when I told my husband what I had done, but I did. I had found what I had been looking for I had found God – the Real, living God who gives peace and joy. God protected, blessed, and enabled us to live in the same circumstances with a tremendous happiness in our lives.

God eventually made a way for the children and I to move to Zimbabwe where we found a Pentecostal Church. It was here that I discovered that God is THE Provider – a single mum with three children and we never, ever went without and ALWAYS had enough to give and bless others.. we were living out our lives when, after a period of three years, my husband literally turned up on my doorstep, having left the Air Force. He asked for a second chance. As a Christian I felt I should try to reconcile our marriage. We then had another child, but unfortunately he had not changed and eventually we ended our marriage.

David was the last born and right from a very young age he had a heart after God. He loved people and was fearless in his approach to sharing the gospel, one day at a rugby match some young people were swearing and drinking and he went up and told them that Jesus loved them. There are many stories I could tell you about him. Two months after David’s 13th Birthday he went off to school on the Monday morning and was killed by an army truck that went through a red light. How I wish I could say that when this happened I trusted my God, I rested in Him, but I didn’t. I, who had experienced provision, love, peace, life – turned away, became angry, blaming God for David’s death.

I said to God I am walking away – I am going to live my own life and I did. But, oh the mercy of God, He let me go but he gave me someone to walk with me. Chas and I came to England 23 years ago, not intending to stay. For many of those years I tried very hard to forget God, but He did not forget me. I look back and I can see his mercy and love in operation even in my rebellion. There were times when I would look at creation and would want to praise God and I did. I praised Him but I didn’t want to follow Him. Once, I offered to pray for a work colleague who was going through a difficult time and I prayed in tongues. God’s mercy – God’s faithfulness, God never leaving me. So many times I would hear the whisper of God – come on, come back but I would harden my heart. However, I knew my life was lacking, Again never satisfied, I was always looking for something else. Together Chas and I knew we needed to find God again, we knew there was an empty space in our lives and we knew it was God that we needed but we didn’t quite know how to find Him. Our reconnection started at Tewkesbury Abbey. A strange place to start one thinks, but for us, it was the right place. God knows us ALL so well.

I am an emotional person and sometimes I cannot rely on my emotions, I need to know truth and reality (always my cry) so all the momentous times I have had with God have not been at some great rally or amazing service but in the quiet places where it has only been God and me. I was saved in my garden, no preacher, no altar call – I was filled by the Holy Spirit in my own home and I reconnected with God in the quiet of the Abbey, with no inspiring sermon I can’t tell you when I said O God, I’m sorry, take me back, restore me. I think it was my cry for longer than I realise. I CAN tell you that not for one minute did I think God would reject me. Like the father of the prodigal son, God was just waiting for me to return. I returned with nothing, other than my shame and sorrow, and was given a new chance, a new life

Two years at Tewkesbury Abbey, THE SLOW DANCE and then God led us to One Church, Home. I am HOME, back with my Father, back with the family, where I belong. Someone prophesied over us about a couple of years ago, someone who knew NOTHING at all about our story and said a page had turned in our lives and we now had a Blank page that God was going to write on. A BLANK SHEET – not smeared, not rubbed out – A BLANK WHITE SHEET – the grace of God.

My story is one of LOVE, not mine, but Gods

My story is one of MERCY, not mine, but Gods

My story is one of FAITHFULNESS, not mine but Gods


BrianI was brought up in a Christian home and became a Christian when I was 15. However, it wasn’t until I was at Teacher Training College that I discovered the reality of God in my life. There I met other Christians who seemed to have a greater joy and experience of God. I began to know, by God’s Holy Spirit, God’s presence with me daily, leading me, guiding me in very real ways. I settled in Gloucester, married and now have 3 grown up children.

Life was good until, in my late 40’s, I went through a painful time of job-related stress but even at my lowest point I discovered that God was there for me. As God says in the Bible: ‘I will never leave you or forsake you’. I have found that whatever comes my way God will always see me through.


JeanI grew up in a Christian family, and we went to the local Baptist church. I learned about God’s love and Jesus when I was very young at Sunday School, so at five Jesus became my friend. As I grew up, my relationship with Him deepened, and I committed my life to him. I was baptised at seventeen. My faith and trust in God was really tested when, at seventeen, my mother died suddenly and four years later my father also died suddenly. Without God, I know my life would have been a mess. I knew God was always with me and He brought me through this difficult time stronger in my faith. Throughout my life with all its ups and downs, God’s promise ‘I will never leave you or forsake you’ has been true, and I know He will never let me down.


KatieI’ve been going to church since I was a child, grown up understanding the values and the Ten Commandments, but I truly didn’t understand God’s love until I experienced its acceptance for myself.

There have been times I have let God down, but He has always been there for me through everything! His love and grace is so strong for us, that even when we have hurt God, it doesn’t change the way He loves us.

I went through a time where I really had to trust God. What I learnt through the situation was that what God says is true.

He is Faithful, Merciful, Forgiving, Comforting, Loving and Trusting.

My God is a God that will never let you down.


MaryI have been a Christian as long as I can remember. Being brought up in a Christian home meant that going to church on a Sunday and hearing people talk about God was part of everyday life.

When I was 12 it dawned on me the seriousness of what being a Christian, a ‘Christ Follower’, really meant. What would happen if I died right then? Would I go to heaven? At that point I knew I needed to know Jesus as my own saviour, and that that decision would impact the rest of my life.

Since that day I have never looked back, and my relationship with Jesus has been the most amazing adventure!!! I have travelled all over the world, seen miracles, heard God speak to me and never felt alone. He has never let me down… not even once! Go on, give it a try… What’s the worst that could happen?


PeterAs a child I was brought up in a fairly traditional Christian home, going to an Anglican church every Sunday. Sunday school was ok when I was really young, with songs and games. But it got lifeless as I got older and needed reality and purpose in life.

So why am I still a Christian today? I found that there was more to God than just religion. Through one event and another I found life, reality and purpose there for the taking! I have found God to be true to his word and He has never let me down. I have a personal relationship with Him that is two way. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am now in life if I had chosen to ignore Him!


CathyI became a Christian as a teenager but have had to face many very difficult situations. Some have been unavoidable and some have been due to bad decisions or behaviour. God has never left me and has brought me through each of these difficult times, often in amazing ways.

Just under two years ago I was dying of liver failure. In the September I was told that without a transplant I would be dead before Christmas! I have 3 children and at the time they were aged 17, 14 and 10. It was one of those situations where I had no one else but God to trust. Whatever I went through He was always there for me and I know God will never let you down.

God really looked after me. A new liver became available, even before there was time to put my name on the transplant list. I am so glad to have been given another chance of life!


TinaI went to church as a child but didn’t experience the reality of God until I was 16. My parents had divorced and I was struggling to come to terms with this. I came to a youth event with some friends and felt God’s love in a way that was so real. I realised that God loved me enough to let his son, Jesus, die for me. I decided then that I wanted a relationship with the God who loved me unconditionally. I understood that going to church wasn’t enough and that I needed God’s power in my life to direct me.

Over the last 20 years God has been faithful even though I have let him down, he has always forgiven me and guided me in what to do in all aspects of life – marriage, house buying, job hunting. I know God will never let me down.