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Merv – Extended Story

Merv - Extended StoryI was born to Christian parents in January 1961. I have one brother who is 3 years younger than me. My parents are no longer together and are not living Christian lives but they still believe in God.

I grew up in the church and played at being a Christian but I didn’t get anywhere acting that way. I believed in God but did not want to give my whole life over to Him. I didn’t like the idea of what it might mean.

I got married at 21, and then my wife left me after just 13 days! She was already seeing another man before we got married, so why she married me, I will never know. At the time it shattered my whole life and I tried to take my life on a couple of occasions. The last attempt was that I took 100 paracetomol and ended up in hospital for a week for treatment against the tablets, as they are the worse ones you can take for your liver.

The next few years I just messed around through life doing stupid and dangerous things.

Then out of the blue I found myself re-acquainted with a previous girlfriend named Sharon, who has now been my wife for 19 years. She used to go to Church when we were kids but wasn’t going at that time.

After we had been married a while she started going back to Church and became a Christian, Sharon started to get involved with the Church and as we had children she would take them with her. On the odd occasion when there was something special on, like the kids being in a play, I would go along although Church and God still never interested me. I never got in my wife’s way of her going to Church though.

Then one day after about 17 years in September 2006, I was watching the God Channel on TV and something got me deep in my spirit and I broke down in my front room, I just knew God was calling me, so I just spoke out loud to God as if He was stood right in front of me and I told him I wasn’t looking for Him and I still didn’t want Him. It was obvious He was calling me and I didn’t want to take the chance he wouldn’t call again. So if this was the ‘real deal’ and He would use me and help me to grow in Him, I would give Him my life 100%, no messing around, no going back and He took me at my word!!

I rang Simon and he came round to see me, we had a bit of a chat, but in his wisdom he knew it was between me and God and told me so. I knew he was right.

So now I am a Christian and living happily ever after! Rewind did I say living happily ever after, not so!! Living a Christian life is not always easy, it has its ups and downs, but when you get dejected you have a God to talk to who cares, not that you ignore Him when you are happy!

Walking with God is a normal relationship like you would have with your family and friends but you just can’t see Him yourself, but guess what, when you are walking with Jesus, you don’t have to see Him, that’s for the unbeliever to see. How do they see Him, they see Him through the life that you live, which I hope that I am doing now.