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Dan – Extended Story

I was born into a Christian family and grew up in a loving home. As with all families, we had good and tough times, but God was always the centre of our home.

When I was around the age of 15/16 I spent more and more time with mates outside of church and eventually away from God pretty much altogether. Most of my time and energy for the next few years was focussed on doing my own thing which usually ended up revolving around women, drink and drugs.

During this time I met my wife (who had a pretty calming influence on me!) and ultimately in 1989 we got married and our woderful son and daughter soon followed. We started our marriage the hard way- young, no money, having children straight away, doing it without God and this quickly brought some tension in our relationship. Not long after we had our kids the company I was working for went bust and I was out of work. I found some work but at times the money was really poor which got me down but I stuck with it all the same, until when I was 24 I incurred a serious knee injury which prevented me from continuing my job. I managed to side step and went into the sales and then management side of the flooring industry which was really good until in 1999, I was made redundant as I fell out of favour with the owner.

I managed to find another job okay, but again, starting on lower wages and having to work back up I became quite insecure and very angry and depressed. By this time we had accumulated pretty big debts which were seemingly out of control. During this time I had re-committed my life to God, but was practically and emotionally in a real mess. I couldn’t sleep, my weight plummeted and I felt nauseous continually.

My “cure” for this was to make myself sick, giving me a chance to try and sleep before the nausea came back. It was a short term solution that quickly spiralled out of control to the point of wanting to go to sleep and not wake up. I felt terrible that I was makingmy family go through all of this- that just compounded the problem with guilt. They were brilliant, but I just couldn’t change how I felt.

The Church I was in at the time were brilliant, praying and supporting us (a couple of close friends and my brother in particular). One  day we were studying Sowing, Tithing etc and I felt really challenged to respond but at that time we were well over £20000 in debt, our income was in the region of £250 per month less than our outgoings and I had to convince my non-Christian wife we should give more away!!! I prayed (for my life!!) and to my amazement, she said “what have we got to lose?”. Within the same month of beginning to obey God in our giving, every company we were paying froze the interest and said that every pound we pay will come off the amounts we owed- something we’d pleaded with them all, with no success for months.

You have to really work at things- Marriage, family, finance and your relationship with God if you want to succeed, not just expect thing to fall on your lap. Dueteronomy 8 tells us that God gives us the ability to produce wealth, but is preceded by us using our hands and putting in effort.

Since then, my wife has given her heart to God, we have faithfully Tithed everything we have and sowed seed both in time and practicality and God has blessed us with job security, peace, provision, good health and a great Church family. We’ve still had to pay our debts, but God has provided the means for us to do that (we’ll be paid off by december this year), we still have problems and challenges and I’m far from perfect, but in the midst of all of these things, we have Real deep peace which is hard to explain, but is more powerful than you can imagine, and a real Hope for the future forus as a family and individually.

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11