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IanMy life before becoming a Christian from the outside looked perfect. Good job, my own house, great friends and great family. But from the inside, I was full of doubt, anger, greed, arrogance and a need to impress people through things. Most of all there was an emptiness that I could never quite put my finger on. In fact how many grown men break down in tears in the middle of a busy town… talking to a pastor?

I went away with one prayer, please Lord help me! I want to come home. Since that day, with God’s grace, word and love I have been blessed with the power to love, forgive and accept. I have met some wonderful people and know that God directs my steps.

I still have my job, my house, great friends and the best family I could ever wish for, as well as many flaws (ask the above). The emptiness has been filled by Jesus Christ with his forgiveness, love and love of us all.


MarionI was born into a Christian home and invited Jesus to be my Saviour when I was 9. Later I married a Baptist minister and we had 2 children. One day he began an affair with a church member and went on to live with her. I couldn’t believe this could happen to me. After a long, painful journey, friends brought me to this church where I had an amazing encounter with God. He took away all my hurt and bitterness and filled me with His peace and I entered fully into what I had experienced as a child. Shortly after this my husband died. The Bible promises God will look after the widow and fatherless – I have proved this to be true.

God has given me an exciting life – I have done things and been to places I could never have imagined.

I serve a faithful God.


DaveI started life in a non-Christian family with a lot of anger from my parents’ relationship with their parents; God took over my family’s life when I was two. From then I grew in the ways of Christ. I found love and was planning a life.

2008 changed my life. My fiancée and I grew apart and finished it, both feeling lost and confused. How can God lead us in a such a way to devastate what we thought would be a life for Him?

I lost my way, failing to see the greater plan God had for me. But in the last year I have come to know a God who cares, a God who has my life in the forefront of His mind and guides my steps. I have grown into more responsibility both in work and in myself. I have been given a second chance to love and care for another.

My life is in His hands, with Him I know that impossible is nothing.


ChrisBefore I became a Christian I was very cynical about God and felt that people who went to church were there simply as something to laugh at. At school I had attended some Christian Union events, again for an opportunity to mock religion. I was also very destructive with vandalism being a frequent activity along with my incessant swearing.

Through a new friend I met I was challenged to re-consider my dismissive approach to faith. This was the first time away from ‘the crowd’ that I seriously considered what God had done for me and where I really stood. By giving God an opportunity to work in my life I found him to be very real indeed. I discovered that I have talents that are creative not destructive. I am now able to see not only the good in people, but beyond that, the potential that they don’t yet see in themselves.