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I went to church from a young age but as a teenager I rebelled and stopped going. I never stopped believing in Jesus, but I had never given my life over to Him.

This changed when I attended a Billy Graham Live Link in Gloucester in 1989. ‘Where would I go if I died tonight’ Billy asked, and I was unsure – I know now! I gave my life to the Lord and have the peace, joy and love that can only come from truly knowing Jesus.

In 2001 I survived a car crash. A friend and I were driving to a Christian event. A lorry ploughed into the car bulldozing it 200yds down the M32. The car was written-off, we escaped completely unharmed. The police were amazed, even more so when asked to drive us to our concert. They did, and we thanked the Lord all the way.


JulieMy story is very simple. I grew up in a kind and loving family. My parents took me to Church from a young age. I even taught in the Sunday School. My life took the usual route, school, college, work etc.

When I was 20 I was invited to Robinswood Church with my boyfriend. It was there that I understood the story of Salvation for the first time, of the need to make Jesus the centre of my life, of the importance of Jesus dying for me so that I could be forgiven and have a life everlasting. My boyfriend later became my husband. We believe in a relevant God of today whose love never fails us and in whose steps we walk to trust for our everyday. I may let God down sometimes, but my God is a God of forgiveness and he guides me through everything and will never let me down.