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Simon – Extended story

I started my faith journey at the age of four!

I think worst sin I’d committed was stealing a hula hoop from my brothers crisp packet but its funny how guilty you feel about the smallest of things! Somehow, I knew this offended God and my tender heart wanted to put things right. This is one of my earliest but real memories. Praying a simple prayer, asking God to forgive me and feeling such a sense forgiveness and acceptance.

The years have rolled on and to say I’ve tripped up on the way is an understatement. There have been times of blatant rebellion and times of lazy drifting but I can honestly say God has stuck with me. I have learned to apply the principles of the Bible into my career choices, marriage, fathering, in fact, every aspect of my life and this has allowed me to stand strong in all of life’s storms.

I have experienced poverty, near death experiences and painful rejection. I have also travelled the world, experienced personal healing and enjoyed overall great health.   And in all this, God has stuck with me. My story is simple. The day I met with Jesus connected me with purpose and a constant source of encouragement and forgiveness. I am living my dream. Actually it’s His dream!


My parents took me along to church from day one, so I grew up hearing about Jesus. As a kid I thought it made sense, but through the rollercoaster of adolescence I fully discovered that Jesus was really there for me and gave me love, peace and security in tough times when I prayed.

When I felt rejected by bullies at school or relationships that went wrong I found God’s comfort to be real. Jesus wasn’t just a ‘crutch’ for me to lean on. He became the power and purpose to helping me to make the most of the God-given potential in my life. I also got to see people being prayed for with big problems and having some incredible miracles in their lives.

It all just showed me how real God was and is and helped me realise what an incredible adventure living in relationship with Jesus really is.





Having been brought up in a loving Christian home, meant that I knew about God’s love and protection from an early age. As I grew up I was fearless. I would get into allsorts of scrapes. I would climb higher up trees than anyone else dared; I would jump from higher places than my mates; ride my bike faster down hill! It’s only now, as I look back, that I know God was definitely protecting me. I pulled some stupid stunts and have a few scars and scary memories, to show for it. Whilst age and a bit more common sense, than I used to have, prevent me from doing the death defying acrobatics of my youth, I know that God is still there to guide me and protect me through life’s choices. It’s great to know that you’re never alone, when problems crop up! That really makes a difference!


jon3coffeesMy Dad was a minister so I grew up thinking church was just a normal part of everyday life for everyone. However, when I hit my teens I realised there was way more to it than attending a building and singing songs – this wasn’t something everyone did but a life of faith, fullness and endless opportunity is something everyone could choose to be a part of.

Why have I chosen to be a Christian? Because ever since I have, I’ve never suffered that empty feeling that “there must be something more to life than this”. It’s fulfilling, it’s taken me around the world and it’s connected me with hundreds of friends. Knowing you are part of something so much greater than what we see constantly brings a fresh perspective to the way I live my life.

I only get one shot at life, I’m not going to miss out on the reason I am here.


KirstyEven though I had been a Christian and had been to church since I was a child I was still unconfident and had low self esteem, which meant I followed the crowd and let them dictate how I should live my life instead of relying on God. I used to think that what everyone else thought of me was important which limited how I lived my life.

However, within the last few years many great leaders have taught me that God is calling me to be a great leader who is ready to be an example to others, to not hold back and to believe and have faith that God is guiding me and with me every step of my journey. I now know that life is not about material things, I don’t need to worry about what other people think of me and to go for it and never look back!


SarahHi, my name is Sarah and I’ve lived in Gloucester all my life. I’ve been married for 27 years, we have four children and we are expecting our first grandchild.

As a child and teenager I was lonely and found it hard to make friends. I was crippled by fear, worry, insecurity and eating disorders. The one thing that kept me going was the belief that God loved me and cared about me.

As I grew older, my life got better and I felt I didn’t need God so much. I went to church for the social side rather than to meet with God. I forgot that God still loved me completely and unconditionally.

One day I realised that so much love deserved my total trust and commitment. I started reading the Bible and talking to God again.

That day I started to live the adventure God designed me for.


ChrisI’ve got great parents that gave me the best start in life – more than just financial security or a great education – they showed me God’s love and I always grew up knowing about Him. When I was 13, I began to know Jesus personally, not just from what my parents told me.

I’ve never regretted this. I’ve never wanted to know what life is like without Him – why would I? My life gets better and better, I’m not perfect, nowhere near, but I constantly feel God’s leading in my life and He is showing me a life that is much bigger than myself.

Through knowing Jesus I have met people and been places I would never have dreamed of otherwise. Even more than that, I want my future family to get the amazing start that I got. I know that with God, life gets better and better!


SimonI’ve always had an awareness of God. As a child my spiritual experiences were very real and meaningful. The real test came later in life when my faith clashed with my work friends and to be honest, I spent my teenage years trying to keep everyone happy. My values were all over the shop.

You can only live so long like that. I determined to discover the truth for myself and reconnected with Jesus Christ in my late teens. I’ve never looked back since. I am totally fulfilled. Life makes sense! Sure, I have my challenges, but I have purpose and live in destiny.

At the time, I worked for an investment company in London. Life took off in a great adventure that currently lands me in Gloucester and pastor of this fantastic church.