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I was brought up in a Christian family and went to church but started to fall away in my teen years.


At 16 we moved to the midlands and I went from bad to worse, I got involved in crime, drugs and was drinking every night. By the age of 20 I was at rock bottom.


One night I got woken up, I know that was Jesus now. I opened my Mum’s Bible and it turned to John 3:16. That’s when I asked Jesus into my life and since then I’ve been clean of drugs and crime and I love Jesus with everything.



I was brought up in a stable family home with loving parents.

However, I made very bad decisions and ended up in very turbulent relationships. I had been violently abused by men and spent a lot of my time around drugs and people who sold and took them. I had taken drugs pretty much throughout my teenage life and have only just recovered properly.

The Lord spoke to me and told me that there was more to life than crime. I have also recently given my life to God and his works. I feel amazing now and am the happiest I have ever been. God has turned my life around and now I have good relationships with my family, whom I hurt so much during my self-destructive time. Love God. Love People. Committed to Excel.


Lorraine 2008 (2)

I responded to God’s call as a 30 year old mother who was a heavy drinker and addicted to marijuana.  Although a wonderful mother, I was a happy drunk who usually couldn’t remember much the next morning.  I asked Jesus into my heart and was immediately set free from drugs.  A year later I stopped drinking and haven’t wanted drugs or alcohol in 18 years.

In that time I have experienced healing and seen my son healed.  My son was born with water on the brain which threatened all movement and mental health.  He is now dancing and singing for the Lord!  I was rushed to a specialist with a lump the size of an acorn on my ovary. I knew I was covered in prayer and the scan showed it had disappeared!

It is not always an easy journey – but our God protects and provides our every need along the way.


GaryMy parents divorced when I was a young teenager, leading me to a pretty wayward lifestyle. I began using drugs and found that it made me feel good, not realising that all I was doing was blocking my emotions. Then came alcohol and thirty years of addiction, misery and hell. The last fifteen years of that period has been a quest for peace and freedom; eight residential rehabs, counselling, AA, NA, you name it. Addiction remained in me like a demon; relapse after relapse.

My upbringing was fully secular but during these last fifteen years I have yearned for faith in my life. Less than one year ago I decided to fully give my life to Jesus and I’ve never looked back from that day. I know without doubt that I can trust our Lord. I opened the floodgates of my heart to Jesus and he blessed me with a freedom I’ve never known. THANK YOU LORD.