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Simon – Extended story

I started my faith journey at the age of four!

I think worst sin I’d committed was stealing a hula hoop from my brothers crisp packet but its funny how guilty you feel about the smallest of things! Somehow, I knew this offended God and my tender heart wanted to put things right. This is one of my earliest but real memories. Praying a simple prayer, asking God to forgive me and feeling such a sense forgiveness and acceptance.

The years have rolled on and to say I’ve tripped up on the way is an understatement. There have been times of blatant rebellion and times of lazy drifting but I can honestly say God has stuck with me. I have learned to apply the principles of the Bible into my career choices, marriage, fathering, in fact, every aspect of my life and this has allowed me to stand strong in all of life’s storms.

I have experienced poverty, near death experiences and painful rejection. I have also travelled the world, experienced personal healing and enjoyed overall great health.   And in all this, God has stuck with me. My story is simple. The day I met with Jesus connected me with purpose and a constant source of encouragement and forgiveness. I am living my dream. Actually it’s His dream!