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SharonI was 9 years of age when I first realised that I needed God in my life. I had been a mischievous child but not an extremely naughty one. I had been taught values and respect. I repented and asked Jesus to come into my heart.

I left the Christian life at 17. I got married and had 2 children, after my divorce I married again and had another 2 children. I found God again at 30.

One day something went very wrong in my life and I cried out to God “Why me?” He answered me straight away with the words “Why not you, Sharon?”. God made it personal by saying my name. I believed that God was with me and that he would bring me through this. It was a difficult time and God has been a great healer, he is also my strength, my guide and my Saviour.

He loves me with a love that I could never repay, but His grace has saved me and one day I will see Him face to face.