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I was brought up in a Christian home, which meant I was taught from the start what is right and wrong, and I was set strong moral ground to grow on by my parents. You’d think with this upbringing I’d have an established connection with God and I’d lead a life full of confidence and happiness? Not at all.


As a child I struggled with a low self-esteem and a learning difficultly, which grew into a pessimistic outlook on life that I carried into my teenage years. My relationship with God was always there, but I never called upon it.


I constantly prepared myself for the worst and believed that I could offer nothing good to the world, I worried about what people thought of me and at 15 I was facing depression.


Through several personal experiences, God has broken and remade me into something totally new, now at 18, I have a gift of compassion for people. Do I still struggle with my negative mind set? Of course! But is it only through God that I can face each day with a smile? Totally.