Three Coffees

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Then one day I heard preach by somebody or other ‘God made no mistake when he made you my brother!’

Well that day my whole world was shaken asunder … and rebuilt as well – ‘cos I wasn’t a blunder!

I no longer felt worthless or useless at all, but a man with a purpose; now I could stand tall.

I was still shy and lacking in confidence though … I had a foundation and now I could grow.

I worked as a teacher, and in my old school, where I had struggled so long and had felt such a fool.

I found I could teach those who didn’t believe that they were any good – that they were and should see.

I encouraged them all to be all that they could, and saw how God was using my life for the good.

I responded to those who found learning so hard, and saw how lives are made better by lives that are marred.

In the following years as I worked and I travelled, I didn’t quite see but there God’s plan unravelled.

The jobs that I had led from one to the next, and new skills each one taught me and there I was stretched.

And as I look back I can see for a fact, that whenever I needed, I got what I lacked.

As I trusted in God, and I followed his lead, I found each time fruit bore where He’d planted a seed.

I fell in love and got married, had three lovely girls; they’re they joy of my life; like three beautiful pearls.

Who bless all those they meet and I know ‘cos I’ve seen how they brighten up lives of those with whom they’ve been.

But all at once went my job and the marriage broke down, bringing lows only heard about, suffering all round,

The worst time of my life, where I nearly gave up … even life on the street seemed another step up.

But God sends us as angels to carry each other when trials hit so hard as to bend us and batter.

If we listen and follow as he showed us before that to follow we must be like cream on a sore.

With the help of His angels – and that includes you, I am whole and am growing, and more confident too.

I’ve been guarded from harm with so gentle a care, with so many a story to tell and to share.

So being a Christian’s no recipe for a life full of joy with no suffering at all.

We still make mistakes, bad choices, decisions, like everyone else, but just try to listen

To God’s guiding voice as he walks with us through all manner of problems we bring ourselves to.

But the wonder of trusting in His Holy Spirit, is to see just what happens the way that He wills it.

For if we but follow the way that He leads, and let Him have access to plant all His seeds,

Though strange it may seem what He asks us to do, I can tell you right now with these words that are true.

That the years that are lost among suffering and pain, are turned right around and those years we regain.

When we’ve walked in the shoes of less fortunate men, we can love all the more and again and again