Three Coffees

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Hi, I’m Rob, after my father’s only brother, ‘cos he gave up his life to save the lives of others.

From my English dad, photographer by trade, came my sense of adventure, my ‘jack of all trades’.

My Czechoslovakian mum with a difficult past introduced me to Jesus – a friendship that lasts.

One sister, no brothers, to battle against, followed mum into nursing with her nurturing sense.

Though I knew that God loved me I was painfully shy, and with no self-worth at all caught the bullies’ eye.

I was threatened and bullied till 16 years old, and even at Uni was told I was slow.

But I studied to teach and though still fearfully shy, got engaged to be married – not really sure why.

It was over quite soon so I saw I was right, for the worthless like me there was no hope in sight.