Three Coffees

Stories that Make a Difference
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MichaelI was born in Southend, Essex in 1933 to a very good and morally upright family. We occasionally went to church but I had no guidance on having a vital personal relationship with God.

I remember childhood feelings for God and answers to prayer. I know that these childhood experiences prepared my heart for hearing the gospel of Christ later on.

This happened in a pentecostal church in Slough in 1952 where I heard that Christ died for me! Me! The revelation of this powerful truth demanded a response. I was very soon converted to Christ.

I was in the RAF at the time, and my life-change amazed my fellow-airmen in the billet.

Now, all these years on – it is extraordinary the way my life has been led by the Good Shepherd. Goodness and mercy has followed me, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.