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MelI’m Mel and was 44 when I asked Jesus to come into my life. I had come through a divorce due to my adultery and married for a second time, but we were soon heading for a second divorce.

My wife had earlier asked me if I believed in God. I think I did but I had never given any thought to God but I said yes just to keep her quiet. We started to go to church but with our problems we stopped going.

A friend suggested we could try Robinswood. The only time I ever went to church was for hatch, match and dispatch, but this place was vibrant. It was alive. Pastor Garner was the preacher and describing just my character. I had a filthy mouth, had been a thief and an adulterer – but he also said that when Jesus died upon the cross, he did it to take away all the sin I had ever done – and if I believed, Jesus would wash me whiter than snow.

I did believe and I’ve never been the same since!