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MatthewMy name’s Matthew, I’m 24 years old and was bought up in a Christian home. I went to Sunday school and knew all the Bible stories but didn’t really know God personally.

Then one youth camp in Torquay came that totally changed me. One meeting they said if you want to know God personally walk to the front. It was scary to walk to the front but I’ve never looked back.

God’s with me whatever I do and wherever I go. I finished school, went to college and did an apprenticeship, lived life as full as I could. I’ve travelled, played sports, had fun and loads of laughs. Everything I do, God is with me. Even when I mess up which I do a lot, God still loves me. This love and security makes me feel safe.

I’m now about to start university and start a new phase in my life in which I guarantee God’s one step ahead.