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LucyBeing brought up in an amazing, fun and busy Christian family, as the youngest of 5 kids, I found it easy to slip into the background living a life that seemed right in everybody else’s eyes – everyone except God’s! I knew how to play it cool, but deep down I always knew that all I had was a surface level relationship with God. Then I did Fire Academy… I chose to give God my everything, I realised that the very things I wanted so badly, like friends, grades, a job, a relationship, were worse off in my control, but when given to God, it’s the place where they flourish and become great.

I’ve never regretted a single day that’s gone by since I fully trusted God. I just keep digging deep, revealing new dreams and gifts I never thought I had. Sometimes it’s hard, but I love it, because when you only have Jesus – you have EVERYTHING!!!!!