Three Coffees

Stories that Make a Difference
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LindaI had a great childhood in sunny South Africa with lots of fun and laughter. As a child, Sundays were special family days with Church an important part of the day.

Then tragedy struck. My 18 year old brother was killed whilst serving in the army. Life changed in our family and within a year we left our home country.

At the age of 14 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis which has brought with it much pain and major surgery.

Shortly after that I started to wonder what life was all about. After lots of doubts and questions, I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour. I believed that He was the only one who could heal the hurt.

I have known peace in tough times and great joy that lasts. I have a caring and loving husband and know that Jesus is interested in me and every part of my life.