Three Coffees

Stories that Make a Difference
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Lewis• Born into ‘church going’ family. I later learnt that ‘church going’ doesn’t mean anything.
• Ideal upbringing – loving family, amazing friends, great education.
• Thought ‘life is good’ but it got even better!
• Went to church youth group with mate one evening. Why not?
• Started going to church every Sunday.
• Realised that, actually, my life could be better.
• Became a Christian when realizing that, in fact, God thought of easy-going me when He died on the cross. Amazing. He thought of me?!
• Made some wise decisions in my life – A Levels, Uni, career, but none as wise as the decision that day.
• Since? God has brought me through potentially tough times – teen years, Uni, family worries.
• Learnt that God will, honestly, never leave you. You can only leave Him.
• He’s got me a job teaching and guiding children, just like God does to us.