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JoyI was brought up in a very loving, caring but strict Christian home. I asked God into my life at the age of 8 and followed him faithfully until I hit 30. Mid life crisis came early I think, I thought I’d missed out on so much in my teens I wanted to make up for it, drinking and clubbing etc. Well two broken marriages later you can see where that got me! The only good things that came out of that time away from God are my 3 wonderful kids.

I realised I couldn’t do ‘life’ on my own; God couldn’t wave a magic wand and make everything better; but together we could begin to put my life back together. My life has dramatically turned around in the last 2 years. I am now healthy and happy in the knowledge that God is at ‘My’ centre and I am looking forward to all the challenges that lie ahead, whatever they might be.