Three Coffees

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JoeI was brought up in church from day one and, though I knew right from wrong, church and being a Christian were ‘Sunday’ things rather than a lifestyle.

Life seemed good as I grew into more responsibility in church until a close and young family member died suddenly during my A levels. I started a degree in a new city and hit an assault course of situations; recreational drugs, sexuality and two suicides of close friends left me feeling empty, lonely and doubting the future.

After visiting my parents one weekend I felt compelled to go to church. I told God that enough was enough, that if He was real He had to show me black and white… the rest is history.

God’s not bothered about my past; he believes in me and wants the best for me. He’s always there cheering me on and loving me unconditionally, no matter how much I mess up – there’s nothing better than that!