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IanMy life before becoming a Christian from the outside looked perfect. Good job, my own house, great friends and great family. But from the inside, I was full of doubt, anger, greed, arrogance and a need to impress people through things. Most of all there was an emptiness that I could never quite put my finger on. In fact how many grown men break down in tears in the middle of a busy town… talking to a pastor?

I went away with one prayer, please Lord help me! I want to come home. Since that day, with God’s grace, word and love I have been blessed with the power to love, forgive and accept. I have met some wonderful people and know that God directs my steps.

I still have my job, my house, great friends and the best family I could ever wish for, as well as many flaws (ask the above). The emptiness has been filled by Jesus Christ with his forgiveness, love and love of us all.