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Having been brought up in a Christian family my whole life; people may say it’s easier. But there comes a point where you have to make your own decision with what you actually want to do with your faith.

After my parents split up, I moved to a theological college in Nottingham with my mum and sister, so my mum could train to be a vicar. It was there I felt like I didn’t have to try as hard because of my surroundings but yet I still really enjoyed it.

After seven years, we moved back to Gloucester and my mum was a priest and in charge of a church. After a while I started feeling like I was just going there to give support to my mum and not for God. I came to a service at One Church for the first time and I really enjoyed the liveliness of it and how nice everyone was.

It was here where I felt a better and stronger connection with God. I already feel a more confident woman and a year ago did not think I’d be doing what I’m doing now in this church.