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DaveI started life in a non-Christian family with a lot of anger from my parents’ relationship with their parents; God took over my family’s life when I was two. From then I grew in the ways of Christ. I found love and was planning a life.

2008 changed my life. My fiancée and I grew apart and finished it, both feeling lost and confused. How can God lead us in a such a way to devastate what we thought would be a life for Him?

I lost my way, failing to see the greater plan God had for me. But in the last year I have come to know a God who cares, a God who has my life in the forefront of His mind and guides my steps. I have grown into more responsibility both in work and in myself. I have been given a second chance to love and care for another.

My life is in His hands, with Him I know that impossible is nothing.