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As I grew up I soon realised how hard life could be.  I was bullied at school for many years.  This affected my whole life, knocking my confidence and how I see myself.  As I was searching for something I tried different things but nothing filled the emptiness inside of me.  I started to go to a church near where I live but didn’t stay.

I bumped into some old friends who had become Christians and they invited me to their baptism.

The service was different to anything I had experienced before.  I felt that God was there and I realised that Jesus was what I was looking for.  The emptiness was filled.

God has done so much for me and I am much happier now God is in my life.  I feel that God has fixed me from the inside out and I am not broken anymore.  I am whole and God can use me to make a difference in someone else’s life.