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DanI suppose you might say I’ve led a pretty average life. When I was younger I drank too much alcohol and took too many drugs, but still managed to work hard and just about keep things together. I’ve been blessed with good friends, a lovely wife, son and daughter, and had reasonably good health throughout.

Despite this I’ve still had to face common issues- being made redundant twice, suffering from bulimia, anxiety and getting into financial debt. The reality is that life still throws up huge challenges, but the difference for me now is that I know my future is in God’s hands and since He has never failed to get me through, I have no reason to doubt Him.

God brings me a peace in life, despite the trials, that I can barely describe and only experience by letting God lead the way. No more bulimia or anxiety, the debts nearly paid off and I have a great job – all this from trusting God – not bad eh?