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As a young child I grew up in an unstable home environment
following my parents’ divorce. When I was 5 I was sexually abused by
one of my mum’s boyfriends. At the age of 12 I developed an aggressive
form of epilepsy which affected my education. It was during this low
period of my life that I felt suicidal, and became aware of a voice in
my heart telling me, “I have something planned for you.” As a teenager
I began to attend church and gradually realised that Jesus was real,
relevant and full of love, and that only He could repair my life. Since
inviting Jesus into my heart in 1995, I have married my wonderful
husband, Glen, and have 2 beautiful daughters. I am also learning the
joy of being part of a loving, supportive family. God has also healed
me of my epilepsy. A friend in church prayed for me in June 2010 and
since then I have had no fits.