Three Coffees

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I first went to church when I was 9 but by the age of 13 I had turned my back on church. I didn’t enjoy church anymore, because at this time other things, such as, football and drinking were more important.

When I was 19 I injured my back, this meant I could no longer play football. This cut me off from my group of friends and the world I was used to. Whilst injured my old youth leader invited me to the youth group, I thought I would give it a go. As a result I met loads of old friends and started to attend more often but mainly for the socials. Until one night I felt God’s power and knew I had to give everything to God.

God has overwhelmed me with his love, power and grace. My life has never been the same since. He healed me, forgave me and has given me life to the full.

My life has changed, I now live to glorify God and help others get the best out of their life.