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I grew up in Germany with Christian parents. We moved back to England when I was 14. Starting a new school and making new friends changed my priorities. I ended up pushing God to the back of my mind, and got involved in things which I really should have steered clear of. But I was happy.

One day this sense of urgency began. At first I ignored it, not really understanding what it was all about. Suddenly I realized it was God offering me a choice; to choose “life on the wild side”, or to come back to Him.

So I slowly started going back to church. It’s been a long journey with ups and downs, and I’m so thankful that He accepts me with all my imperfections. I know I had people praying for me and I’m grateful that I serve a God of second chances.

Without Gods comfort and peace, I know I would not have got through what life has thrown at me.